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Into the Finals

Went to church as usual last night and afterwards went down to West End and ate Nando's and ice-cream. Very yummy.

Today's game of indoor soccer was the last one of the normal season before the finals. We were in third place before the game and already garunteed a finals place. However we did want to win to have the chance to finish second and have an easier semi-final game, as it all depended on if the second place team lost.

We ended up winning a tight game 4-3. I have to say, my overall game is very much improving, with my performance today so much better than the crap that I have been playing of late. I even scored a goal. We should have buried today's game much better, but a combination of bad finishing and the opposition's good goal-keeping prevented us from winning by a bigger margin.

It turned out that the 2nd place team did indeed lose their game, and we finished the normal season in second place behind the very good Cardno team. (our team is F S United, the meaning of which is a little too rude to be mentioned here)

Me and Despina today also continued watching the second season of Roswell that I got a few weeks back.

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  1. well... I can't guarantee that everybody that reads this blog is an adult, but if you think of F and S as standing for probably the two rudest words in the English language, then one can fill in the story without any profanity being mentioned here.


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