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The observant readers of this blog will now have noticed that my Status displayed on the right in the 'My Profile' section, has now changed to 'Engaged'.

Yesterday I formally proposed to my girlfriend of more than three years and the love of my life, Despina. I say 'formally proposed' because we already knew that we are going to get married (having been planning the engagement party for over a month now), and it was only the formality of actually giving her the ring (it had just finished being made this week).

The engagement is next month, with the wedding being not that long after. Yay!

11 thoughts on “Engaged!”

  1. Lucas you ol Dog... hehe
    anyways that is very cool, i bet everyone at home is very happy. Im in Engalnd at the moment as well, and it is freaken Cold...... im trying to wangle my way to a football match as well. Have fun and congrats

  2. I feel old. Good one Lucas now look at how you've made me feel! You're so inconsiderate. 😉 All the best to Sacul and Anipsed, may you have hairy children. But on a serious note: Lucas, you could have saved some money by proposing over the phone that way the ring would have only costed 30 cents. Hey, by the way if you invite me to anything I promise not to buy you a copy of "my big fat Greek wedding". Also the Greeks used to think that anagrams had magical powers (why? because I said so). So here?s some anagrams of Lucas and Despina, SAUCEPAN LIDS and SPACIAL NUDES. How you guys want to put those two into practice is up to you, but it?s hard to do! I guess... So here?s to Claus and Edna-Sip. May your genes splice well.

  3. Spacial is an old way of spelling spatial. Give me your email address and I'll email you the page from the dictionary I have. The ring pun wasn't meant to be great but it was the best I could do. Quite the critic aren't we? maybe you should replace the slash in your name with an 's'. 🙂 damb I good!

  4. an old way of spelling something does not make it a proper word. in a similar way, 'thine' is not part of the language, nor is 'wast'. of course, if you didn't want to be accused of using english, that's fine too.
    and 'damb i good' comes under that category.
    as for the slash-to-s thing, er, nyah!

  5. grr. now you look better for having ended it first without responding. "*grumble grumble* no fair >:(" -- Lucas.
    (for the record: this post - not necessarily the comments - deserved to be in the most commented. i have to assume that most people congratulated in the traditionally dignified way. i dunno, by e-mail or sms)

  6. I'm the Swiss in this situation. i neither started it nor continued it so I have no position.

    If you want it to be the most commented, add more comments! (but keep in mind that comments that aren't in any way appropriate or relevant will be deleted) hehe

  7. wait. so if i respond to your comment, it's a relevant comment, and therefore appropriate? maad.
    while i was refering to Tim in my 'grumble grumble' post; interestingly, you are indeed the swiss in this situation. the swiss are able to maintain their neutrality because they are able to defend themselves from any attacker - they are not just apathetically neutral, but fiercely neutral. the analogy continues - you couldn't care less about the comment responses, _and_ you'll delete any that are off-track.

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