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Not at work today, because very ironically in the sweltering heat of the past week, I have caught a cold. I had a sore throat on the weekend, but the cold has just really hit me in the past few days.

Haven't blogged in a while, so I might as well catch up:

A recent event was none other than my birthday on Saturday. We had some family over for on Friday for both my brother and my birthdays (his was on Friday), and Saturday day me and Despina just had a quiet day.

That night we went to Church, in which Fr. Dimitri made a very blunt, but also a very good sermon. Basically Church school was starting up again for the year, and after his explanation of the Gospel reading, he basically told the parents that if they were going to bring their children to Church school to bring them every week, or don't bother really bringing them at all:

If you only bring your kids to church school every six weeks or so, you're sending your kids a message: that God is just in the list of priorities, and not very high up on them. if that's the message you want to send, that's okay. just admit the message your sending and be honest with yourself. but don't bring the kids to me when they're teenagers and on drugs and expect me to do something.

(Stolen from Andrew's blog (muchly paraphrased)).

After Church we went out in celebration of my birthday. We went down to West End and had Nando's and then ice-cream from Ice-cream Mania. Andrew's meal at Nando's was quite amusing, and can be read in his own blog entry. Great night.

On Sunday was soccer. We lost a very tight game 4-3. Again I played garbage, but this week it was mostly attributed to me not feeling that great (coming down with the cold and all). Sunday night me and Despina went and saw The Phantom of the Opera. I really liked it. After seeing the play ages ago (1996 i believe...) it was good seeing it brought to the big-screen and me actually understanding what was going on. The opening of the movie was especially memorable.

Yesterday, went to work as normal, but wasn't feeling that great.

Today I still have tonnes to get done, although it is a sick day. I have bills to pay, and the time off might present a good opportunity to do a minor update to my site (at least to change the copyright dates to this year!).

Also Happy Birthday to Andrew on turning 20 today!

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