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Back to Uni (for the last time)

This will probably be the last blog entry of my 'holidays' before i go back to uni. I say 'holidays' because these holidays have really been anything but. In the last few years between November and February I was very used to really sitting around on my behind wasting time, going out, doing flash intros, watching movies, and only the occasional shift at the supermarket (1 or 2 days a week) financing it all.

This holidays full-time work experience for the majority of it has really emphasised the value of the uni holidays. Pity, because I will never have them again as this semester is my last before i graduate and thus find a permanent position before i get married.

Hopefully this coming semester will be a good one so I can say farewell to uni with a bang. In terms of grades, I can afford to get all 3s this semester and still graduate, which isn't a good thing in terms of motivation.

I'm already feeling a bit nostalgic, as I do really enjoy uni other than the after hours study. As they say: life must go on.

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