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The Weekend that was

Wrapping up a fairly busy weekend with this blog entry. On Saturday I did some stuff and then at night we went to Church and ran out as soon as it finished to go to a 21st birthday party that started at 6:30, as Church had finished just after 7:30.

Went to the party, and after we ate etc, they asked everyone to look under their seats and see if they could find anything, and those with something under there had won something. I looked under mine, and nothing, and because there was a spare seat next to me I thought i might as well look under that one as well. Lo and behold, under that seat was taped a piece of paper that said 'you're 2nd!'.

I thought 'yay', as they asked those that had found something to come up the front and receive their prize. To me, and the one other person that had found the thing under the seat's great surprise, this prize was actually that we had to be first in line to start off karaoke, no buts excepted.

However in my typical fashion, I weezled out of it. hey, I did still sort of have a cold.

That came to Sunday, which meant that soccer was back on the agenda after having the past two weeks off for boxing day and new years. The exercise was very welcome, and the game ended 5-5, which was probably a fair result. The highlight of the game: me getting totally wiped out by this really solid (like bouncer solid) rough player:

He had kicked the ball way too far in front of him trying to make a break down our left wing, so I went in to get the ball. I arrived at the ball a good half a second before he did. In the instant that I arrived at the ball, i realised that this guy was not going to stop running. I kicked the ball as soon as i got it and turned around to face my back towards the advancing guy in a conscious attempt not only to protect my face (he was taller than me) but also the valuable parts... down there.

Anyways, so I had got to the ball kicked it away, and turned around, then came the impact: much much harder than i expected. I felt myself get jerked, and then start falling. I expected my feet to hit the ground first but that wasn't the case as (in the words of others, because I had no idea what was going on at the time) 'i flew' almost horizontally feet-first forward, and ended up landing on my back with my left-hip taking most of the impact of hitting the ground. The first thing I felt as I hit the ground was my hip, and then I actually felt my bones in my torso shudder as my back made impact. The scariest this was that after that shudder, everything in my torso including my arms went pins-and-needles for a good 10 seconds.

After lying down for a good half a minute, I could finally get up, catch my breath and sub-off. I did actually play again, but I can already feel my back and my neck starting to hurt from it now.

After soccer got something to eat, and then went over Rolando's place to try and transfer his files from his old Windows 98 machine that was totally screwed (among other things the qwert, tab, and caps keys among others on his keyboard weren't working - very very frustrating) to his bran-spanking new computer. We had absolutely no luck, as the old computer, well, as mentioned earlier, was totally screwed: trying to network the two computers got nowhere after two hours. Then i came home. I've just found some Windows 98 drivers for my iPod that allows it at least to act as a mass storage device on the old thing, so I think we might try that again before attempting the lesser desirable option of manually hooking up the old hard-drive to another computer.

2 thoughts on “The Weekend that was”

  1. wait. you spent two hours on _anything_, and then are still able to say that moving hard-drives is a less-desirable option?
    oh kay. (btw, should i assume that there was no usb slot?)

  2. There is a usb slot, i just didn't know there were win98 drivers for the iPod.

    Other than probably being the final death-blow to the old beast in case it didn't work, hooking up the hard-drive to the new computer, i'm told, aparently voids the warranty on the new computer if you add non-Dell parts.


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