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I'm truly starting to learn and appreciate the value of the all important Friday. The gateway to rest and freedom, this is the best day of the working week. I have truly been busy, quite the opposite of what Andrew is going through of late.

Got a busy weekend ahead as well, with important things starting to be planned.

I've planned to do an new intro for the site, having recently negotiated an exciting original concept with the site's media and content director (Despina). lol. But seriously, I'm not sure when I'll be able to get the time to do it. Ironically, i'll probably have more time when I start uni in order to do it.

Speaking of uni, i've really got to allot some time to choosing my subjects for the coming semester. This is the last ever time i'll have to go through this process, and it's quite exciting but also a tad sad. I'm sure I will miss uni heaps after I graduate, but now i'm eager to finish off what has been quite a long tertiary journey for me (I am about to start my 5th year at uni). I think I'm going to go as far at to scan my degrees and put them up on this site. How typically geeky.

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