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Soccer & iPoded Successful

Fairly normal working day today, so not much to blog about today.

Yesterday (Sunday) I enjoyed a lot. We had an early game of indoor soccer at 10:40am, and we won the game 4-1. I played generally very poor, even though I did get the last goal. I just kept kicking the ball high (which in indoor gives the opposition a free kick) the whole game.

After that we went to Rolando's place to have another attempt at copying the files from his old computer to his new one after the failed attempt last week. The Win98 iPod drivers worked like a charm and we could copy all 7GB of his old files onto the iPod from his old computer, and then from the iPod to the new computer.

It took absolutely ages to transfer the files from the Win98 machine to the iPod (it was probably only a USB 1.0 port). It took over 2 hours to copy the files. It was a particularly hot day yesterday, and after about 1/2 an hour, I was getting particularly worried for the iPod, as it was almost getting too hot to touch. Luckily Rolando had a small desk-fan that we could put right over the iPod which cooled it significantly. I'm confident that the iPod would have melted otherwise.

A funny thing while the files were copying was the estimated number of minutes that Windows 98 had displayed for the copy process to complete. For the most part it stayed under 30mins (although it actually took 2+ hours), but at one stage it got to a ridiculously huge number: 1876123987 minutes if I recall correctly, to which we remarked: "That is not a small number!" (off Strongbad).

The copying from the iPod to the new computer only took around 10mins; ahhh, the glory of USB 2.0

We have planned to take the piece of junk old computer and take to it with a sledgehammer or some similar weapon next week. I must remember to bring the camera and capture the dismemberment.

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