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The Day After Christmas

Happy Christmas to everyone. Christ is born! Glorify him! (Thanks to Andrew for pointing that out).

Had a pretty good Christmas, although I was sweating my pants off most of the time. very hot day yesterday, i don't know if it was a good or a bad thing that it was overcast yesterday, some people say that it makes it even more humid, and thus more uncomfortable.

As normal, ate too much, which is not surprising. After visiting household number 3, drove home on the freeway during the storm last night which was a little scary, so I got off the freeway straight away, but even going 40km/hr on the roads was still a little hairy.

Totally buggered today, so I am having a relaxing one. It feels a little strange to be not going to the movies and seeing another Lord of the Rings movie today.

Just spent a frustrating 1/2 hour trying to set up my Dad's laptop to connect to the wireless network at home. I Eventually got it, although i'm not quite sure how i did it, but for some reason it just worked.

Also watched on TV last night the nauseating WWE Christmas in Iraq special. Enough said.

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