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I’m Home

Just back back from the airport after my weekend trip to Melbourne with the family. Since i am pretty tired (i just got used to running on daylight savings time) i'll make this entry short and sweet.

Day 1 Friday: Arrive in Melbourne at around 9ish Melbourne time, catch a taxi to our hotel on Russell St in the city, check our bags and go out. We caught the free city circle tram from Federation Square and did the whole circle. As a side note, although the trams are in my opinion an excellent form for city transport, the city has to be designed around them: the city streets with the trams are essentially 6 lanes wide with traffic on both directions.

Anywho, we had lunch at some caf?, and then decided to go to Victoria Markets. I bought two rip-off arsenal jerseys from this greek rip-off soccer store that was adjacent to the markets, and then we bought some things from the markets themselves. After that, went back to the hotel and then had dinner in Chinatown, and then went back to the hotel for sleep.

Day 2 Saturday: had breakfast at maccas, and while Stephania and Mum went for a day of shopping (apparently Stephania can only find shoes her size down there in Melbourne), me and Dad did the more 'cultured' stuff: First we went to the Art Gallery at Federation Square, and then to the Exhibition Building (which was closed), and then to the Victorian Museum, all of which were quite interesting.

For dinner we actually went on the Tram restaurant, which is is obvious, a restaurant on a tram. very nice. After that we sat at the promenade in from of Crown Casino and watched the flames come out the pillars there, which was quite entertaining. It's funny how the simplest things (basically lost of fire coming out of a pole) can actually amuse people.

Day 3 Sunday: After waking up had breakfast at a quite pov place, and then went out for a bit more shopping in the city. We eventually made our way to St Kilda for lunch, then went back to the city where we did a bit more shopping before going back to the hotel and then back to the airport, and home.

After my first trip to Melbourne i've got to say that I don't really mind the place. I wouldn't exactly go down there and live, but i like visiting it much more than Sydney. I especially love the weather: quite cool and tame. The first day I think the maximum was something like 23, and today was supposedly 30 degrees, but really felt quite comfortable.

Glad to be home though. I might post a bit more tomorrow when my brain is more in order.

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