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Tires, Soccer, Idols, Alarms

The last few days have been a little interesting and a little strange. Saturday night went to Church, and afterwards we went and ate at the kebab place in West End with the guys from Church, where we had some in depth conversations about break-ups, divorce, relationships, God, and really a lot of things.

Afterwards after driving around around I noticed a loud clicking/knocking noise in the car. After a bit more driving it seemed to be rather rhythmical with the pace determined by how fast the car was going. I thought: great, either the tire is flat or there's something stuck in it. After stopping and checking, there turned out to be a big roofing screw lodged deeply right into the middle of the rear-left tire. Knowing that attempting to remove the screw will deflate the tire very quickly, i left it in there drove Despina home and drove home, hoping all the way that the screw would stay in there so I wouldn't have to change the tire in the wet weather of that night. I drove home with the windows open so I could here if the screw was still in there. It's kinda funny hearing every single rotation a tire makes as you drive.

Got home with the tire and the screw still in place, and after parking the car i could here a faint hissing sound coming out of the screwed tire (hehe). I couldn't be bothered changing the tire that night so I went to sleep.

Next day (Sunday) got up helped Dad with some stuff on the computer, and then with Dad's help changed the tire, which surprisingly wasn't flat. Mum reckons that when the tire cooled down that the screw acted more like a plug; an opinion i'm inclined to agree with. I went to indoor soccer later that day, in which we lost the game 11-2, against a pretty good team.

Last night watched the final of Australian Idol where the girl with (in my opinion) a relatively (compared the guy and the other ladies in the competition) crap voice won the contest, against the young guy that had an amazing voice.

Was expecting the router i ordered on Friday to be delivered today, but I think because they ran out of the 0.5m cables i ordered, the actually shipped it today with 1m cables.

I've got a bit of a headache as next-door's alarm has been periodically going off for about 10 minutes at a time every 20 minutes or so. Working till 9:30 tonight 🙁

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