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Study begins & SW Ep III teaser poster

Today begins my study for my exams. Yesterday I mainly planned out what I'm going to do over the next two weeks and where. After doing a little bit of study this morning, i decided to take a break.

A few days ago Lucasfilm released the teaser poster for Star Wars: Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (shown below).

In my opinion the teaser poster isn't that great. The ones from Episode I and Episode II were much better.

It seems that the teaser trailer as well is going to be released in the next week or so. Exciting stuff for a geek like me!

4 thoughts on “Study begins & SW Ep III teaser poster”

  1. The Incredibles gets released in the states on Nov 5. The teaser trailer will make its worldwide d?but on for Hyperspace members (ie people who have paid for a premium subscription to the site) on Nov 4, with it being released to everyone on on Nov 8.


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