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Nervous Wait & Cool Change

I'm a bit nervously waiting for the release of my uni marks for this semester. Although they are due to be released on the 1st of December, they are usually available to view at least a few days prior to the official release date (although the uni states that the results do not become "official" until the release date, but they never change).

Had a lazy day so far: got up fiddled around with the Foxtel so it gives out a proper digital sound output, and then watched Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring on DVD. The extended version of Return of the King is coming out soon, so i might as well have a refresher before i watch it. I haven't actually bought any of the normal theatrical versions of the Lord of the Rings movies, rather waiting and buying the extended versions of the trilogy.

The router seems to be plugging away quite nicely. So far I haven't had any problems whatsoever.

In the past few days i have switched my email/newsgroup client from Microsoft Outlook Express to Mozilla Thunderbird. I'm not quite sure if i'm going to stick with it though.

Oh yeah, by the way, how good is this weather?!! I am loving the cool change. The weather over the past few days I would have to classify as my ideal meteorological conditions. Very, very pleasant conditions for a profuse sweater like me in summer. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Nervous Wait & Cool Change”

  1. rrrrrrr *hates the cold*
    man, if i wanted things cold, i'd have moved to hobart. this is brisbane, it's supposed to be hot, that's why we've got the a/c. but nooo.


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