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my first exam tomorrow :(

Tomorrow is my first exam: HIST2606 (History of Warfare). I haven't really given much thought to this exam as i'm pretty sure that I have already, or only within a few percent of having passed this course. I got 32/40% for the major essay, 7/10% for the essay plan, and i'm pretty sure I would have gotten at least 10/20% for the tutorials including a presentation, (we haven't got the marks returned). The exam is only worth 30% of the course grade.

Understandably i tend to do really bad in the exams that i don't really have any motivation for because I may have already passed the course. The bad thing is, is in this kinda situation i don't do to well in those courses because of a poor exam mark.

Most of the time i get better marks in the exams that i feel more under pressure. Take for example my COMP2502 (Algorithms and Data Structures) exam: it is worth 60% of the course and the course profile states that I have to pass the exam in order to pass the course. I don't feel I know too much about this course (see previous blog entries) so I am sorta paranoid about failing this exam.

After getting roughly the same grades in the assignments as HIST2606, it will be interesting to compare the grades for those two courses when they come out.

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