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Forget that movie

Went and saw The Forgotten last night. I've really got to say that i wish i could forget having seen that movie. What started off as a very promising psychological thriller turned out to be a piece of garbage! As you might be able to tell, i'm holding back saying why it turned out to be a piece of crap, because if i did tell you I would spoil the how the movie turns out for all those who actually want to go see it.
My recommendation is: don't see it, it's not worth the time or money.

I also ordered a wireless router for home yesterday. I've ordered it because I don't really feel comfortable leaving the home computer on all day and night in this heat when I am just using the internet on my laptop. plus i don't like having to walk all the way upstairs just to turn that computer on. With the router, i won't need to turn on the desktop computer to be able to connect to the internet. Plus there is the increased security etc etc. Although I will use this router using cables, i figured that having the ability to use it wirelessly might come in handy, plus it wasn't that much more expensive.

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