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Another day another update

I've updated the site once again. The major new thing is that i've added, after reading Andrew's blog entry, is another game: asteroids.

Other stuff i also have done, is that for people with resolutions other than 1024x768, I have changed all the flash intros and most of the games to be set in percentages of the screen rather than in pixels. For visitors with resolution of 1024x768 there shouldn't be that much of a visible difference, but for viewers with higher (and probably lower too (i haven't tested that yet)) the intros and the games will be a much more appropriate portion of the screen (bigger for people with high resolutions (like myself), and smaller for people with lower resolutions). The trade-off is that jpegs and other images i've imported into the animation will be shown at a poorer quality when seen on higher resolutions because it will stretch them out.

I've tested this with both Firefox and IE, so it should work fine in those browsers, but i'm not sure about others. if there is anything weird happening with any of the intros, games, or pages, please let me know.

Doing all the intros as percentages was much more difficult than i anticipated. I had to go back to the flash source and add in some Actionscript (the programming language used in Flash that I have never used before) so the animation could resize but not show stuff outside the stage (viewable area). Then i had to mess around with the html in order for it to show in both Firefox and IE as roughly the same size at the same resolution.

Got work for a long (well, long for me) 6 hours tonight.

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