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Last Teaching Week 2004

This is the last teaching week of the 2004 Academic year, and for many of my friends they are having their last lectures ever this week as many of them graduate after this semester.

I'm going to have to endure another semester of uni next year: after this semester (assuming I pass everything) I only have three courses left, one IT course and two history ones.

Still not sure which ones I'm going to pick, I usually wait until around mid-January to choose me courses for 1st semester.

I'm going have to start looking and applying for some IT work experience over the holidays as i want to gain some 'real world' experience to put on my resume.

It's also my mum's birthday today. Happy birthday Mum!

4 thoughts on “Last Teaching Week 2004”

  1. *looks at calendar* hey! whaddya know, it's the last teaching week! shows how often i go to lectures.
    good luck with work exp. hope you get something with lots of resume-filling in it.
    how's your exam timetable looking?


  2. could be a lot worse. my exam in on the 9th. of course, it's the only exam i have; but it's early. i wouldn't say that mine is worse than yours (by any stretch), but i think that earlier exams would be worse. at least you have swotvac to study for them - i don't even have swotvac (i have a bunch of assessment due instead of exams). of course, i do get an early holiday.


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