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Begun the Webmail War has.

In the last week or so it seems that Hotmail have finally upgraded their size of their accounts. Formally a tiny 3MB account storage and 1MB attachments, they have upgraded all accounts to have 250MB of storage and allow 10MB attachments.

Did Microsoft finally do this out of the kindness of their hearts? I don't think so. AS with a lot of other Microsoft 'innovations' and changes, this one is probably a response to a big rival stepping onto their turf. Google's much-anticipated entrance to the free webmail market, GMail, is very soon approaching. Still a BETA (i.e. pre-release) version, once GMail is properly launched it will propose some stiff competition to the current big players in the free webmail market: Hotmail and Yahoo!Mail. Apparently offering 1GB of storage for their free accounts, as well as only their branded text advertising, Google might carve out quite a big share in the market.

Over the years I have had Hotmail accounts, a brief stint with Yahoo, had a My Own Email account for a while, and so on. Right now, I actively check 4 email accounts: my uni one, two Hotmail ones, and my two site emails.

Today was an interesting day. Went to uni from 8, I got my history essay back (the WWII one): I got 32/40 which i am pretty pleased with. I will post it in the Gallery soon. At my tutorial for COMP2502 (Algorithms and Data Structures) the course-coordinator, Kevin Gates, took the tutorial personally. What was weird about it was that I was the only person there for about half of the tutorial until one other guy turned up late. I didn't actually do the tut exercises for that week because I have been busy with COMP3804 for the past week and a bit, which made things a little awkward. We had an interesting conversation about the U.S. Library Of Congress (in Washington D.C.) though.

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  1. Man, is that like the first spelling and/or grammar error you've noticed?? Basically every entry is riddled with them!! lol I make no guarantees of spelling and/or grammar correctness of this blog.

    (However most of the spelling mistakes should be noticed as I now have a spell checker integrated into FireFox. However my mis-typing of words that end up as other actual words of course it still doesn't pick up: eg. 'fro' when I meant to type 'for', 'one' instead of 'on', etc etc )


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