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INFS3200 Exam and SW Trilogy DVD!

yesterday was the INFS3200 mid-semester exam, worth 40% of that course. I didn't really do as well as i had hoped to, but i'm pretty sure i at least passed the exam. I think most people were surprised by the amount of theory questions on the exam, and the general lack of the type of questions that we were used to answering in the tutorials. But anywho, what'ya going to do.

Now that the exam is over, i can now concentrate on my other courses and assignments. As next week is the mid-semester break, i've got a lot planned to do. The list includes: finishing off my HIST2606 essay, doing the COMP2502 assignment 2, updating the Conceptional design documents for COMP3804, and doing some of the COMP3804 user manuals.

Yesterday I also got the Star Wars Trilogy on DVD!! It was released yesterday, and this is the first time that the original Star Wars Trilogy has been released on DVD. Me and Despina watched the very first movie (Star Wars: A New Hope) last night.

Today i'll be trying to memorise my part of the COMP3804 presentation that our group has to present on Friday morning.

7 thoughts on “INFS3200 Exam and SW Trilogy DVD!”

  1. Lucas I had the same exam also. What about trying to decifer the electronic combuster protocol within the difuser element. That was pretty had but I managed to work it out. How did you go with trying to implement the systems topography onto the circuit line. It wasn't as bad as I expected but I think I got caught in trying to bypass the main circuit line and going through the administrator server. Was this what you did? Anyway, the exams over and I can get back to my other assignments. By the way sorry about that kerfuffle with the 3 by 2 formatter? It turned out that Johnny was the one who had it after all but Jerry the goose misinterpreted the J as an L and hence he thought it was you. HA HA HA so no hard feelings 🙂 How's your 'information into the modern world of telecommunications in the consumer industry for political science of the third right and revolution' assignment going?

  2. information into the modern world of telecommunications in the consumer industry for political science of the third right and revolution is a topic that gets a lot of ridicule nowadays. it'd be great if you could restore the popular credibility of the much-declaimed subject back to it's former and rightful owner.


  3. Con (aka 'Jimmy'): you are a truly weird boy. (I hope you know that I do actually have a log of your IP address)

    i actually skipped that subject because of the kind of students that it attracts: geeky IT hippie socialists that want to work for some obscure telco which plans to revolt against the current trends in the consumer industry. A sad, sad bunch.

  4. but an important subject nonetheless! even if only as a journey of self-discovery!
    how could we ever know about the normalcy of the ancient world of telecommunications in the consumer industry, unless we compare it to the modern equivalent?
    how could we study political science properly, unless we cover the third right? and revolution...well, really, that's what modern history's all about.
    and as for how these all interact...well, it shouldn't only be a semester-long course. i mean, really - there's a lot of work in that! but it's so rewarding.
    'a sad, sad bunch'? dude. you're in info-tech. quite trying to be so high-and-mighty.

  5. Hi, i'm a master student at UTM Malaysia, i read ur post about INF3200. this subject is identical to the one given for us-same slides, same tutorials. the lecturer is Prof Robert Colomb, he was a lecturer in UQ. i have exam in this subject tomorrow 10/11/2008. i will be grateful if u have a sample exam for that subject and could send it to me by today. my email address is ***** Thank you

  6. Hi Murad, It's quite strange getting a comment about a course that I finished four years ago!

    I've sent you the exam prep material that I had when studying for the final exam for that course, I hope it is useful for you. (btw i've edited your email address out of your comment to hopefully save you from some spam :))


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