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Exam tomorrow

Tomorrow is my 40% INFS3200 exam. I'll be doing last minute preparations for that today.

Went to work last night, and was sent home early because it wasn't busy at all. On the way to work I almost saw a kid get run-over. The six-year (or so) old lost control of his bike on the small hill descending toward the road (this is the main road of Wynnum Rd), and came half-way into the first lane of the road. The car in that lane swerved right to miss the child, only to swipe the car in the next lane. Although there was considerable damage to the cars, everyone was ok which is all that really matters.

On Saturday I went into uni and did some study with friends for the imminent exam, came back home did a little more study, then went to Church. Came back home and watched the Arsenal game (they drew 2-2 with Bolton). Sunday I did a bit more study and then went to work.

On another note, the original Star Wars Trilogy is being released for the first time on DVD this week!! Yay! (geek coming out again)

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