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Exam Study Begins

My moral was a little lifted this week. There was an article in the Tuesday Australian (for those that don't know, the Australian on Tuesdays has a special IT section), which reported that the IT industry is starting to pick up again, and that there is light at the end of the tunnel for the students that have been studying IT during the slump in the industry over the past few years. (see the online version here) Basically, it said that graduates over the next year or two should be quickly snapped up. While i'm hoping this will be the case with myself graduating after semester 1 next year, it still is very tough to find a good IT job, especially in Brisbane, for the technology centres of this country are mainly in Melbourne and Sydney. Here's hoping though. I'm hoping to get some work experience over the coming summer holidays.

I started studying for my upcoming INFS3200 exam. Although i didn't get that much done, a start is a start.

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