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It seems that the proposed grade capping ammendment was approved by all students on Friday, so they will be implementing it into the course. I don't know whether this is a good or a bad thing for me, because when my grade was capped at a 5 there wasn't as much pressure to do well in this subject anymore. Now that I have the opportunity to get a six by doing really well, it seems to all be back.

This semester it is weird. I have Mondays off which is sort of strange to me. Whenever i have had a 3 day weekend in previous semesters, i've always had the Friday off. I spent the weekend playing with my new toy (the iPod) but also still doing a lot of work. I did 'proper' (paid) work on Saturday, and spent Sunday doing mostly COMP3804 and other stuff.

I also saw two movies on the weekend. Last night i saw I, Robot, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I thought It was a great stroyline, great SFX, great movie. On saturday night, after dinner at papou's place, I saw Faranheit 911. On this highly controversial movie, I think it provided great insight on the less-reported things over the past 3 years, but i also think that Michael Moore made some very glaring omissions/oversights. I think everybody that has an opinion on the Iraq war definitely needs to see this movie to see some of what is actually going there, instead of the censored stuff that is on the news.

I was pretty shocked that the American tank crews were actually allowed to play music in the tank's communication system during some combat situations, one soldier saying that his favourate track to play was Let the Bodies hit the Floor.

Of some of the glaring oversights, Moore liked to poke fun at how the 'Coalition of the Willing' was mainly small countries that some of which didn't even have an army. Never did he mention that the Coalition included Britain, Australia, Spain, Italy, etc. The other big one that put me a bit offside was that he portrayed Iraq before the American invasion as all happy people smiling, eating in cafes, children playing happily in playgrounds, and flying kites. I thought this was grossly irresponsible, especially after earlier highlighting Saudi Arabia's poor human rights record by showing footage of a public beheading. If he could get his hands on that footage, i'm sure he could of have had access to footage of the Iraqis strapping exlosives to prisoners and blowing them up in a field before a smiling Sadam that the Greek news showed a few months ago.

Today i'll be printing out the notes for this week, organising myself and doing the various tutorials for this week.

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