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TRYING to write an essay

For the past few days i've been trying to begin fully writing my HIST2606 essay, but i'm not doing really well. After doing some initial research over the weekend, i didn't have that much time on Saturday or Sunday to really get started on it. On Saturday i had work in the morning, and i spent the afternoon updating the COMP3804 DB scripts following the client interview on Friday. Sunday i went to Church in the morning, attended the subsequent lunch at Southside, and got home at around 3 and did the prliminary research and planning. I mostly read through the small mountain of books that i got from the library on Friday.

So today i've been wanting to at least finish the introduction for the essay. However, i'm easily distracted by things, inlcuding doing this blog entry. Hopefully after lunch i'll have some more success. I think i'll need to turn of my computer for starters. The internet is not very conducive to creating a distraction free environment.

Plus i'm a bit tired. But thats all my own fault. I stayed up till almost 2am watching the first Arsenal game of the 04-05 Premier League Season. Arsenal defeated a pretty poor Everton 4-1. Go the Gunners.

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