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Me no like Thursdays

I drove to uni today. I was really lucky, because i was the last to get through the lights on Hawthorne road, because further down the line at Wynnum Rd. there was a really bad accident which closed 3 of the 4 lanes. So they had 1 lane servicing both directions of traffic in peak hour. I took a detour at got to the Gabba via Stanely St. The unlucky people behind me would have to wait because each change of lights after that would only let one or two cars through.

Today i had my first HIST2606 tutorial, which reminded me that i have my Essay outline due next week, which i had half forgotten about. I picked up another bag of books for that essay. Now that this tutorial has started, i've got uni on thurdays 8-1 straight, so i was pretty starving at 1pm.

I've written about 500wds for my essay. I'm planning on trying to get that at least half done before starting the outline for it (i know that's a pretty illogical order, but the outlined is referenced so i couldn't be bothered doing research for the outline and again for the essay).

The COMP2502 tutorial was pretty good today as it actually shed some light on how to do things in this course! yay!

This coming Sunday is of course the Walkathon. I'm planning to take the camera, so stay tuned for some photos from that.

3 thoughts on “Me no like Thursdays”

  1. well...technically, it _could_ have been 'stay tuned for some photos from that. not that i'll put them on the site, but there'll be photo's.' but i suppose this would be a silly interpretation.
    anyway. hope they're on asap! *looking forward to them*
    in XC, a/s


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