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COMP3804 DB Scripts finished & Arsenal beat Man Utd

I've just finished the database scripts that a i had to do for the COMP3804 project. I spent nearly the whole weekend doing them (other then Church Saturday night and work last night). It took a bit longer than I expected, but i wanted to get them out of the way quickly so the programmers fully start implementing the program itself. However, it wasn't so much a chore as it sounds. If i had to choose what kind of uni work i had to do, it would be this stuff, so i sort of half enjoyed it.

Next in the firing line i want to get started on the HIST2606 (History of warfare) essay. There is a pretty lengthy list of topics to do. I'm probably going to choose one relating to the First or Second World Wars.

I'm also thinking of applying for a credit card. I've been ordering a few things off the net recently, and i've had to borrow my mum's card to order them, and pay her back later. I was just thinking of getting a no fee one (like the Virgin one), becuase i wouldn't use it all that often, i wouldn't have to pay anything for it.

EDIT (ie i added this after i posted the entry):
Last night Arsenal also beat Manchester Utd to win the Charity Shield (actually i think now it's called the Community Shield...). They beat them 3-1 with the youngter Reyes aparently running circles around them. I saw some of the highlights, where he weaved around the last defender AND the goalkeeper, but only to slice his shot past the open goal!! Ah well, he'll get better as the season starts.

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