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Semester 2 2004 Courses

I have chosen my courses that i will be doing next semester:

COMP3804 - Advanced Information Technology Project: I passed the exam, so it would be stupid of me not to continue with this year-long course. I think I only need 12% to ensure a passing grade, but I will be pushing for the 5 that my grade is capped at.

COMP2502 - Algorithms & Data Structures: Sounds fun doesn't it???(sarcasm) It's the last compulsory IT subject (other than COMP3804) that I have left to do, so that's why i'm doing it. Should be fun.

INFS3200 - Adanced Database Systems: Looking forward to this one. Everybody knows that i'm specialising in Info Systems in my IT degree, so this course is a must.

HIST2606 - History of Warfare: Well i'm doing my history major on the basis on wanting to take this course, so i can't wait! I have waited 3 years to do this one, so it's great that there's no timetable clashes to stop me.

This is the first semester that i'm doing 3 IT subjects and only 1 arts one. In my previous semesters, i've always had an even 2 IT and 2 Arts. I don't THINK it will be too bad, as INFS3200 is only 2 exams, and no assignments. We'll soon see.

Also, this is my last semester of a full workload (assuming i pass everything this semester). After a successful completion of this semester, i have only 3 subjects left to go to get both of my degrees.

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  1. yay! you can join me and my ooh-i-don't-wanna-do-four-subjects-because-that-sounds-like-too-much-work brigade!
    except you have a legitimate reason, of course... >:-P



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