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New iPods

Today I thought I would be having a meeting with my COMP3804 group, but it turns out that it will be happening tomorrow.

Yesterday me, Despina, Eleni, and Con did the Queensland Cancer Fund doorknock in Carindale. Because there was four of us it only took us around an hour-and-a-half to do a section of Carindale.

Only a week to go till the semester starts. I haven't done that much 3804 work as yet, but probably will in the next week.

It seems that Apple will be unveiling their new iPod in the next few days. The iPod has been a really big hit from Apple, most likely saving the company from being another casualty of the Microsoft blob. I've been known to say that 'the iPod is the only thing that Apple is making money off', which is probably not true, but is an accurate representation of the importance and success of the digital music player to the company's profit and continuing survival.

I have yet to jump on the iPod bandwagon and actually buy one myself. It is easily the best digital music player on the market, mainly because it absolutely slays any other competition in terms of its capacity and how much you pay for it. A 20 GB iPod is currently ~AUD$600, while the Sony Network Walkman for the same price has only 256MB of built in memory.

In my opinion, the one big weekness is the very short battery life of the current iPod (at only 8 hours). The latest Sony MiniDisc Walkman can play 1GB Discs for over 20 hours, with the normal MD Walkmans lasting over 50 hours. But, of course, the downside with the MD's are that you have to buy and carry around disks, instead of having it all inside one machine.

The new iPods aparently have a longer battery life, at around 12 hours, which i guess is a 50% improvement on the current model, and is rumoured to also be a bit cheaper. Not sure when they will be released in Australia, but it is tempting me to buy one...

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