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Graduation check: check

Yesterday i recieved an email from the EPSA faculty replying to my request for a graduation check. I was kinda surprised that they replied so quickly (well, not as quick as the Arts faculty). The reply from both Arts and EPSA confirmed that i am on the right track. I only have to complete the four subjects I am taking this coming semester, and 3 more in semester 1 next year and i walk out of UQ with two degrees in my pocket.

I'm a tiny bit tired after working from 7:15 this morning, and I also worked yesterday. I went into the city last night with Despina and did a bit of shopping. Among other things, i bought the DVD of Officespace, which is an awesome movie. I also bought Godzilla, which was a big flop 6 years ago, but strangely, i really enjoyed.

The best quote from Officespace: "It's not that i'm lazy, it's just that i don't care".

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