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Experimental Film

Every now and then i really get into a song. In the last few days it has been 'Experimental Film' by They Might Be Giants. The video was launched on a few days ago (it's done by them, which is cool). I've always been a fan of TMBG's type of music, my favourate of theirs till this date has been 'Doctor Worm', which was about 5 years ago. Gee that takes me back to year 11... Haven't heard much TMBG in the last few years though. TMBG and a winning combination.

I've been doing a bit of work on COMP3804 in the past few days. If i thought trying to motivate yourself to study for an exam of a course you've already passed was hard, motivating yourself to study when you know you're supposed to be on holidays is even worse.

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