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Last Teaching Week

This week was the last teaching week for Semester 1 2004. I really can't believe how fast it has gone. I think it was mainly the project that made it feal like just one big blur of a semester. Next week is of course SWOTVAC (as a side note i can't remember what that actually stands for...), and i still have one more assignment to hand in, which is the INFS3100 Assignment 4, which is on, ironically enough, designing a system of classification for my university assignments.

Of course i'm the middle of doing that right now, and thanks to a very kind person on the course newsgroup, i have recently become aware that it is due on 9am of that day. I was planning to hand it in that afternoon...

After that of course it is exam study time, which in previous semesters i haven't taken too seriously. This semester is another matter altogether, as have the hugely important COMP3804 exam as well as a history exam thats worth 60% of the course. Lets hope i don't get distracted...

10 thoughts on “Last Teaching Week”

  1. Swot - to study all-but ceaselessly.
    Vac - short for vacation.
    Swotvac - to have a week off to study all-but ceaselessly.

    at grifftafe it's called study week, btw.


  2. yeah, it's called both at UQ.

    I've also heard the 'swot' part referred to as Study WithOut Teaching, but after looking up swot in, you are correct.

    Thanks for the enlightenment!

  3. i also thought that it stood for Study Without Teaching, but i'll take both your words for it.

    on a related issue, i only have 1 exam!!!!!!

  4. i can beat that. one 30% take-home exam. for a subject i've already passed. as Lucas says, it's really shocking motivation...


  5. that's what you get for a) doing four subjects, b) in a real degree, c) at a real university

    all your fault, no sympathy 😛


  6. lol true, true.
    oo was that a multiple choice question?
    they usually put in, just to confuse everyone even more:
    d) none of the above
    e) all of the above


  7. no no, not multiple choice. in logic speak, it was 'A & B & C'. it would be impossible to also have '& D' AND also '& E'.


    btw, where'd you disappear to tonight?


  8. uh yes i did realise that it wasn't a mc question, but the lettering lended it to my exam-infused total failure at attempting to insert a joke. (Public apologies)

    Me and Despina wanted to leave quickly last night because we were so darn hungry.

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