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Home Stretch & Darn Cold

Just over 24 hours from now i would have completed semester 1 2004 and my 7th semester at university. I have tonnes planned to do this holidays, which doesn't even include having to work on COMP3804 throughout the break. I just made myself sad 🙁

The last day or two has been really cold, and i am absolutely loving it. As most people know, i am quite a profuse sweater which is, needless to say, very uncomfortable. Therefore i am very happy in the colder times of the year. My rationale being that when you are cold this is easily overcome by putting on more clothes. On the other hand when you are hot, there's nothing much you can do other than find a place with some air-conditioning which may not be possible depending upon your situation.

Nevertheless, i'm really liking this weather as i can also dress with some sort of fashion-sense in mind, rather than thinking about what would be best to wear so i don't drown in a pool of my own sweat. For example, black (or very dark) shirts during the day in summer is a big no-no for me.

Below is from my stupid things calender:

Tech support: Thank you for calling. How can i help you?

Customer: HELP!

Tech support: What's the problem sir?

Customer: My drive started making funny noises, so i put my finger in to see what was wrong, and now I CAN'T GET IT OUT!

actual call to a computer tech support staffer

1 thought on “Home Stretch & Darn Cold”

  1. see, i don't get that aversion to hot weather. my perfect climate is basically las vegas - really hot, no humidity, but a city so good aircon. second to los angeles.

    i hate the cold. no, really. i hate it. i could probably deal with march-april weather all year round. quite well.

    fortunately for me, you only have a few weeks of cold snap to deal with, then it's back to sweaty floaties 😛



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