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Good Monday

Yesterday's Monday actually wasn't that bad. The reasons being that it was the last one I will have to go to this semester (yay!! no more 10-6!), and i recieved some pretty favourable assessment results.

First of all, I got 18.5/20 for my INFS3100 Assignment 3 (the one on classification systems where we had to go to 2 supermarkets and record shelf layouts and infer a system of classification). The tutor hands out prizes for the best assignments, and because of the poor lecture attendance all the people that got higher than me weren't present, so i got their prizes (chocolate) by default. De-fault! the two sweetest words in the English language!!

The the other stuff i got back was my modern China tutorial essay. I got 11.5/15, which i am really happy with considering the work and effort i put into the essay and the accompanying presentation i had to do. Both the essay and the presentation handout have been posted in the Gallery.

If you're wondering why i haven't posted any of my IT stuff this semester, it's because i don't want to post any of the Project (COMP3804) things because the assesment is continuing, and i'd rather not let any of the other groups see what we've done while it can still affect results, and plus i'll have to get the rest of my groups permission before i can post anything (which will be at the end of the year at the earliest). I also don't want to post any of my INFS3100 things just yet, as they were alos done mostly in a group.

3 thoughts on “Good Monday”

  1. Enjoy that chocolate, it's the most expensive you'll ever taste. But, at least you got SOMETHING out of that subject.

    As Mr Red once said "a/s?

  2. well i didn't actually have the chocolate myself, i gave it to my mum! The reaon being that it was dark chocolate (and it was 70% cocoa!) and i don't really like dark chocolate, but my mum loves it...

  3. i say a/s because of my name! (well, my real name)

    congrats both on the marks and on giving the chocolate away (y)

    in XC, a/s


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