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Before i start this entry, i'm not really sure on the correct spelling of 'jibbed', because i've never had to actually write ot type it out. so if anyone knows if this is incorrect, you can enlighten all of us by posting a comment with the correct spelling.

Back to the point, If you recall me last entry, i purchased the Futurama season 3 box set over the net for what i thought was a very cheap $40 (which is around half of the normal retail price). As it turns out, my parents went into the city (on another one of their DVD spending sprees) and at JB-Hifi there was a sale in which they were selling all four seasons of Futurama for an even cheaper $32 each.

I was quite annoyed. I got them to get me Season 4 anyway, so it wasn't at all a big loss. I still have to wait for season 3 to come in the mail though...

I'm starting to get a bit afraid of next week, in which all the COMP3804 stuff is due...

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