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Things heating up (again)

Things with uni are back into full swing. The group assignment is steaming ahead, and i'm just about to start my short tutorial essay for The history of china course. This essay on on the successes and failures of Chiank Kaishek's leadership, and is only 1000wds plus a ten minute presentation i've got to do later in the semester.

I got my final marks for stage 1 of the year-long IT project (there are 4 stages overall), and i got 4.28/5. In reflecting on this stage, i have come to the conclusion that it was a colossal waste of time and effort of all the work i put into it for only 5% of the total grade.

Anywho, i am typing this quite buggered. Other than all the uni work i've been doing of late, for the past 2 nights i've done the 6-10 shift at work. And things get even better tonight as i am working 5-10.

On a more irrelevant note, i've really gotten into eating packets of dried apple chips. Although they are quite expensive (i think around $2.35 for a small packet at uni), they taste great, and aparently are also healthy for you.

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