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One down

Well i finished writing and typing my essay on Sun Yat-sen. Other than considerable proof reading, i can consider this assignment finished. Talking to Andrew last night at Church (in which he complained about the lack of site updates, my answer being I have almost zero spare time) I had the idea of putting my assignments online for everybody to see (and probably ridicule). If I have the time, i probably will, only AFTER the assignment is marked and returned to me (so publicly displaying will not have an effect on the grade i recieve).

On Friday night, i watched Gangs of New York, mainly because I was strongly suggested to do so for one of my history courses. I liked the movie, although it did drag on a bit. I can't remember if Daniel Day-Lewis won an Oscar for his performance, but he definitly deserved it.

Another movie I should watch for my other history course, is The Last Emperor, which aparently cleaned up the Oscars the year it came out.

Next week uni resumes after the break. I don't wanna go back... 🙁

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