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Working weekend

Now that the weekend is almost over i can take a breath. It has seemed as though every spare minute i had I spent studying (and that includes Friday). Lets see what did i do... I researched, planned, and wrote my HIST2702(the city in history) essay (the one about public executions in 18th century london). I've done the create table scripts for my COMP3804(IT Project) Stage 1, and i've populated all but one of the tables with sample data. I also worked on Saturday.

So right now i'm very tired. Other than studying and work, i went to a Cypriot dance of Friday night, and i went to Church on Saturday night. At the Cypriot dance there were performers from Cyprus. They did this one routine where a guy dances around with nine glasses (like whiskey glasses) stacked on top of his head with coasters between each glass. It was quite extraordinary.

Not looking forward to tomorrow: on Mondays i have uni 10-6, and then Greek lessons 7-9.

In the tune of the song: i don't like Mondays....

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