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Executions executed

Stayed up till about 12:30 last night typing out my HIST2702 essay after getting home from a long day of uni and greek lessons at about 9:30. The newsgroups for uni seems to be stuffing up. Since uni started they keep seemongly randomly asking me to resend my user information, and now it often rejects it. When i went on this morning, most of the posts seem to have been deleted. I will at my WTF at this point.

I'm just about to go to uni and, after that i've got soccer tonight.

On another note, the council elections are this weekend, and every second ad on the radio, billboards, and now placards outside houses, seem to be either Campbell Neuman or Tim Quinn. One thing that i've noticeed in this election year is that nearly everyone running for office (any position!) needs to have some sort of election jingle for them to be classified as a legitimate contender. From "Keep Queensland moving" in the recent state elections, to "Campbell Neuman is a can-do man!" and so on is getting me thoroughly irrated!!! If they only spent as much effort on running the place than they put into advertising we all would live in a better place.

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