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End of the first week

so ends my first week at uni (i do realise its only Thursday, but i haven't got any classes on Fridays (yet)). Today was the first lecture of COMP3804, the year-long IT project. I was quite shocked by the amount of work they are expecting us to do (i always seem to be at the start of every seemingly difficult course). From my initial browsing of the teaching plan, there seems to be something due almost every week.

Other than the amount of work, i was also surprised the time of the deadlines for a particular day: 7:50am. So if somethings due on the 21st of a given month it has to be in by 7:50am on that day. It's the earliest cut-off time i've seen in any uni assigment (and i've been enrolled in 4 faculties). I'll predict that this will screw many people up (probably me included). Would it be that difficult to make it midnight of the day before? I guess it really doesn't make that much difference, i'll just have to think of the due date as the day before...

I also finished reading a book that i recieved for my birthday, called The Surgeon of Crowthorne. Its about the true story of the compilation of the epic Oxford English Dictionary, in which a person instrumental in the dictionary's completion, one Dr William Chester Minor, an American Civil War Verteran, actually turns out to be a person locked up in an insane asylum for murdering a man. One particular chapter, labelled 'The Unkindest Cut', reveals that Minor, while in the asylum, cut off his own penis. Other than that stomach-turning chapter, the book wasn't a bad read.

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  1. Learninating all the Students! Comp3804 suxs! More so if you do internal and even more so if you get a group of duds. I did! The Stupid f****ers tried to plagiarize. So, that first group got split up and I was chucked into another group whose ER diagram was f***ed beyond belief. But enough about me... Other groups seemed to work really well and have a great time. I hope you end up being in one of those.

    I'm doing honors now. I'm at uni Monday and Tuesday and maybe Thursday and Friday (if I'm feeling studious). Might see you around.

    Also Matt Turner is doing 3804 with you.

  2. congrats on starting your honours!
    yeah COMP3804 sucks already, it sucks how you can't choose your own group, so at least i could be with people that i know will actually work.

    Learninating all the students with the too many deadlines!!!
    Too many deadlines!


  3. *really could have done without the mental image of unkindly cutting*

    i tell you, 7:50 is designed for residential students. it'd be so convenient to be at 7:30 and go 'sweet, lets walk and get my assignment in on time and laugh at that poor old goatee'd guy who got his assignment in yesterday...bwa ha ha...'

  4. Yeah the deadlines aren't that hard to keep up with. You just need to get one group member to do all of this shit and another to do all of this other shit; one of the few joys of group work. Also, it's not that bad if you miss a few of the minor weekly submissions.

    In the end I have to say it was a very valuable learning experience. Blah Blah Blah: Probably the most important thing to learn in the subject is good personal and group time management. Also group structuring and communication is important. The actual project itself, in the end, doesn?t really count for much. Trust me on that ;). As I said before most of your time will be spent doing documentation.

    Sorry I should have emailed that, but I got carried away. I apologise to anyone who fell asleep whilst reading it.

    Here I'll rectify the situation:

    My friend has an extra Incubus ticket that he's trying to sell, if you're interested, send me an email and I'll see what I can do. The concert is on the 24th ,7:30pm at the entertainment Centre.

  5. yeah, it was probably just the shock of it at the start. Thanks a lot anyway, its always good to hear from someone who has done it before.

    But they did say that if we miss even one of the devilerables we can't pass the course. Anywho...

    Go the plug! Maybe i should set up an ebay sort of thing so that people could sell and buy stuff!


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