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The response

Well i have been proven wrong. I thought nobody would even touch the shoutbox on my homepage. So wrong in fact that i'm looking for a new shoutbox which has better archiving utilities.

Went to a 21st party last night with despina's brother's wife's side of the family. Reminded me that i've got to start planning mine, which is coming up soon.

This afternoon is the first game of indoor soccer since the CHristmas break, i can almost feel the fat recoiling in terror at the approaching exercise... Hopefully we will win, and not suffer anymore draws and losses.

I've put up a disclaimer for my site as well.

4 thoughts on “The response”

  1. start planning now, you'll need to. no, really 🙂

    why don't you divide the shoutbox into 'personal insults' and...well, 'other'? 😛

    in XC, Andrew.


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