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The day after

I woke up yesterday, early for a Sunday, to go and play this weeks round at indoor soccer. Only one other person from my team actually showed, so we had to borrow some players for us to at least play. We played with members from a team called the Scrub Turkeys: guys with a green Flinstone-esque top, with little bush turkeys all over. They played well, and were great sports too. We lost anyway, so that meant that i didn't have to pay (the whole) match fee becuase it counted as a forfeit because only two of us showed.

After that i rushed home and cleaned Dad's car (as per a new agreement), and then quickly got ready and went and picked Despina up from work. Stayed over Despina's place most of the night to celebrate her dad's name day, and we watched what would normally be a midday movie, but on a Sunday night in my opinion because it was up against the cricket. It was called Gone In the Night, a 'true' story about the parents of a girl that was killed, and who got blamed, arrested, tried, convicted, and then aquitted of her murder. Went on for ages and eventually finished just after midnight.

I then went home and stayed up and watched the Arsenal match. They won 2-0, and now top the English Premier League after Man United lost to the bottom team the night-before. (yay). Overall, not a bad day.

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