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Relaxation at last

Well today is a good day. The landscaping is mostly complete. That means for me less exhaustive working in the yard, and now i actually can have some time to really do what holidays are meant for: nothing. Yes, just that pure indulgence of sitting on your lazy behind and just let the hours roll by.

Yesterday was a good start. Went and saw 2 movies: Welcome to the Jungle and Something's Gotta Give. The former i didn't think much of. I guess i was expecting more out of this action movie, but i guess that these days that an action movie has to have something special in order to stand out. Plus add into the theatre some very loud, annoying people, lots of equally loud kids, and also a baby into the mix, and you get the picture. On the other hand i really enjoyed Something's Gotta Give. Although the ending did drag out a bit, it was a refreshing movie.

I should be thinking about choosing my courses for this semester, but i think i'll allow myself the luxury of a few more days of not thinking about uni or anything close to work.

As they say, ignorance is bliss.

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