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Mass Effect 3 Extended Cut – My Thoughts

Mass Effect 3 Extended CutFirstly, this post will probably contain a lot of Mass Effect spoilers, so you are forewarned.

A while ago I posted my opinion on Mass Effect 3 shortly after it was released and I played through it. To paraphrase: epic game for the first 95%, but the ending to the game almost ruined the whole series for me. Since then, in reaction to the outcry over the lack of closure, illogicality, and plot inconsistencies, EA/Bioware announced that they'll be releasing an 'Extended Cut' of the ending which will add extra cut-scenes and dialogue to more fully explain it.

My attitude … Read more →

Mass Effect 3: Epic Gaming, Epic Ending Disappointments

Mass Effect 3 CoverI've just finished playing through Mass Effect 3, and I really enjoyed 90% of it. But like almost of the entire internet, the ending was just abysmal. Abysmal writing, abysmal plot, abysmal closure. The ending was such an epic disappointment, and like many others have mentioned, it's mostly counter to what the 2.9 games leading up to it were all about. I'll attempt to write this entry devoid of any big spoilers to the ME3 endings, but no promises if you are spoiler allergic!

I belatedly got into Mass Effect at the start of last year. At the … Read more →

Modern Borefare 3

Modern Warfare 3I've finally started to catch up on the gaming season releases, and the first that arrived in the mail: Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3. After being largely disappointed with Modern Warfare 2, I wasn't really expecting much at all from the latest in the series.

After playing through the game over the past week or so, I wasn't at all surprised that it didn't exceed those expectations.

The game isn't "bad" per se, but it isn't all that good either. It really is just more of the same continued on from MW2. The graphics are mostly identical … Read more →

Remotes & MMORPGs

Logitech Harmony 650 remoteWe're still currently settling into the new house. Most things have found a place, but there's always those annoying items that you use, but not nearly often enough, that you can't throw away but have got to find a place for that is out of the way but still accessible for when you do on the odd occasion need it.

Anywho, one geeky thing that I have picked up recently is a new Logitech Harmony remote (I got the 650). Now that we have a AV receiver in addition to the TV, PS3, and WDTV, this remote is the best … Read more →

Birthday Goals & BF3

So begins the last year of my 20s. I'm really not looking forward leaving my 20s behind, so I guess i'm going to have to make the best of the year ahead.

My birthday yesterday went really well for the most part. I stayed up late the night before and kicked off my birthday watching Arsenal pummel Blackburn 7-1 with the cherry on top being a Thierry Henry Premier League goal. It's been a long long time since Arsenal won big like that (at least a season or two ago), so it was a really enjoyable game to watch. It's … Read more →

The Best and Worst of 2011

So my traditional critical wrap of the year is once again upon us. As a result of all the house building, this year I haven't really played many games at all, so that part of this review might be a little underdone. Balancing that out, this year Des and I went and saw a lot of movies, both theatrically and at home. At my count (which I think is still a little short), we've seen 35 movies released this year.

Anyway, here we go:


The Adventures of TintinBest Movie: The Adventures of Tintin

This one was a tough one because no movie … Read more →

Gaming Season 2011-2012 Begins: BF3 Beta

So another Gaming Season is upon us; the time of year that mega game companies seek to part parents and elder geeks with their money, and cash in on Christmas/holiday-related TV babysitting and bought love.

In looking through this season's upcoming launches that I am interested in, i'd say it's a comfortable mix: not too overloaded, but not overly lean either.

Battlefield 3 - October 25
Sonic Generations - November 3
COD: MW3 - November 8
Zelda: Skyward Sword - November 24
Mass Effect 3 - March 6

I'm really looking forward to Zelda, but the headline game has to … Read more →

Am I a Logitech Fanboy? New Mouse & X-Men

Logitech G9xIn the past few weeks the middle-click button on my trusty Logitech MX 400 mouse that I got about five years ago was starting to play up. This is especially concerning as the middle mouse button is what I use as melee-knifing in BC2, and the last thing you want in close quarters knife-combat in BC2 is to have an unreliable mouse button for that action.

The MX400 is a great mouse, and a five-year tour of duty is nothing to baulk at, but the time had come for a replacement. Of course five years has seen the MX400 go … Read more →

Movies & PSN Freebies

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger TidesNow that I have a little more spare time and i'm not feeling too bad, we've started going out to the movies regularly again.

Last week we saw Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides. It was decent without being that good. It was definitely a whole lot better than the atrocious 2nd and 3rd movies, but it wasn't that great. I'm not saying it was bad, but it really wasn't that good either.

I think it fell victim again to the whole 'not explaining' thing: not explaining how Blackbeard has his weird powers, nor how the heck … Read more →

Getting On With It

I played indoor for the first time since the surgery last week and also today. I spent both matches goal-keeping throughout, and one thing I seem to be making a habit of in all my matches goalkeeping is turning the ball back into our own goal.

They aren't own-goals per-se (they are more deflections), but still incredibly frustrating. In today's incident, I made a good save, turning the ball onto the post, but the ball bounced back off the post and hit the arm that I saved the ball with and then went straight back into the goal :(. Very … Read more →